Nevis Aids Four Seasons Resort Workers During Closure


Grounds of th Four Seasons Nevis.

The government of Nevis is providing payments to 361 workers impacted by the temporary closure of the Four Seasons Nevis in June, said Mark Brantley, Nevis’ premier, one of a series of measures implemented by government and resort officials to ameliorate the impact of the resort’s shutdown for extensive renovations.

In a statement Sunday, Brantley said Nevis’ Ministry of Finance and cabinet “took the decision to offer each of the affected Four Seasons workers a cash payment of $1,000 to assist in defraying back to school expenses for their children.”

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“We are aware that many of the affected workers have suffered over the past few months from a reduction in their normal levels of income,” Brantley said.

The Four Seasons is currently paying 25 percent of workers’ salaries during the resort’s closure, including to workers who find temporary employment, Brantley said. Resort employees are also receiving medical and other benefits during the closure, and are given first preference for employment during the construction phase and in landscaping or security work during the closure.

“My government also waived any taxes payable on the 25 percent and persuaded Social Security to do likewise,” said Brantley. “This meant that workers collected the full 25 percent salary.” In addition, island banks and financial institutions have agreed to waive workers’ mortgage principal and other debt payments, Brantley said.

“We hope this gesture to the affected workers will be beneficial to them and will assist in easing some of the pressure that they have been under,” Brantley said. “We look forward to their return to work on September 16 and to the promised reopening of the resort on October 1.”