Flights: Viral instagram video shows puppies playing on board a passenger plane

Travelling by plane often means long hours in cramped conditions alongside strangers, so it’s always beneficial if everyone gets on and behaves in their best way. However, a video has emerged of three unexpected travellers getting up to mischief in the aisle of a cabin.

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The video was shared to Instagram account @PassengerShaming in a bid to make user’s smile.

While many were overwhelmed with joy when seeing the video, others turned their noses up and said it was not right.

In the footage, which is filmed in the aisle way of a commercial flight, three unlikely passengers can be seen in a small scuffle.

The camera is low on the ground, showing just the feet of the seated passengers.

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Flights: A trio of unexpected passengers caused a stir (Image: Instagram @PassengerShaming / Getty Images)Flights: Commenters rushed to the comments to share their opinion on the trio (Image: @PassengerShaming)

However, in the main view are three tiny, black puppies wearing colourful collars.

The trio appears to be playfully fighting and jumping upon one another, as puppies often do.

Why the puppies are on the plane or where they were going remains unknown, but the Instagram account determined the video was a “smile break”.

Indeed, plenty of onlookers did smile at the heart-wrenchingly adorable sight.

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The image has amassed 324 comments at the time of writing.

Plenty of users shared their love, with an enthusiastic traveller proclaiming: “


Someone else said: “That would be the best plane ride ever!”

“How do I get on this flight?” questioned another.

Another even went so far as to say the puppies were far more preferential than humans.

“Totally LOVE puppies on planes! Take them over people anyway!” they wrote.

However, there were those who questioned the logistics of the animals’ presence, and others were simply against it altogether.

One traveller wrote: “Dogs don’t belong on planes.”

Flights: The video shows the three pups playfully wrestling (Image: @PassengerShaming)

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Another added: “Post should read: “puppies “PEEING “ on planes (if you know anything about PUPPIES!)”

A third said they would be “so mad” to witness the spectacle on their flight.

“I love dogs of every age, but at that age, they need to pee all the time! I wouldn’t want to smell that an entire trip,” concurred one Instagram user.

Trending Flights: The three puppies caused a stir amongst commenters (Image: Instagram @PassengerShaming)

However, she added: “Mind you [there are] so many humans on board with their own stench from bad hygiene and self-importance.

“Forget I said anything, puppies all the way!” [SIC]

Regardless of the logistics and potential accidents that could crop up when travelling with small animals, it seems some would take that over some of the disgusting behaviour of human passengers they have seen in the past.

“I would rather see dogs than rude inconsiderate morons that clip their toenails and lord knows what else,” concluded one traveller.