Google Maps Street View: Very creepy sight spotted behind upstairs window in weird photo

Google Maps Street View: The Google car photographed the exterior of a building in Duluth (Image: Google Maps)

Google Maps Street View has the intriguing skill of capturing some truly diverse and incredible sight the world over. Ostensibly a practical geographical tool, Street View also snaps some unlikely spectacles that can be spied if you look closely enough. While views are funny, some are downright sinister – such as this creepy being in Minnesota, USA.

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Google Maps Street View has snapped a road in the city of Duluth in Minnesota.

The Google car has passed a grand building and photographed its exterior as it makes its way around the streets of the city.

However, what can be seen in the window of this building makes your blood run cold.

There, behind the glass, is a terrifying-looking sight.

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Google Maps Street View: There, behind the glass, is a terrifying-looking sight (Image: Google Maps )

To the right of the window there looks to be an alien figure.

It has a head, torso and two arms just like a human.

However, there is undeniably something otherworldly about the being.

The chest seems both protuberant yet skeletal.

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Meanwhile, the neck is strangely long and thin and the head seems far too large for the body.

The figure appears to be looking out of the window at the cityscape.

But what it is and what is it doing there?

Is the figure, in fact, an alien or is there more to the sight than meets the eye?

Google Maps Street View: To the right of the window there looks to be an alien figure (Image: Google Maps )

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The image was shared on content-sharing platform Reddit with the caption “Found E.T.”

And indeed, on closer inspection, the figure does very much resemble the shape of loveable alien E.T from Steven Spielberg’s 1982 hit film E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Therefore, it’s possible the figure is in fact simply a model or toy of the character.

A bust can also be seen further along the windowsill, perhaps further suggesting an artistic interior lies behind the glass.

Trending Google Maps Street View snapped a road in the city of Duluth in Minnesota (Image: Google Maps)

However, nothing can be known for sure and the viewer is simply left to guess the story behind the photo.

Sometimes humans are caught in the middle of rather embarrassing deeds on Google Maps Street View.

For instance, a scene snapped in France caught a man appearing to urinate on a public building.