Lake District CLOSED: Coronavirus lockdown forces holiday hotspot in Cumbria to shut

As the first weekend of the coronavirus lockdown approaches, many people are wondering what they will be able to do from home. But with warm weather predicted, there are fears that some people might break the Government-enforced rules and go for a long walk outside.

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Last weekend saw a significant amount of people drive to local hotspots like the Lake District to go for a walk in the sun.

However, these trips have now been deemed unnecessary, leading to Cumrbia Police closing the lakes.


Temporary Chief Superintendent Rob O’Connor said: “My message is really simple, the Lake District is closed.

“Pubs, cafes and restaurants are closed, and we do not want to see people travelling to the Lakes in caravans and camper vans or driving many miles in their cars to go walking on the fells.

Lake District closed: Coronavirus lockdown forces holiday hotspot in Cumbria to shut (Image: GETTY)Lake District closed: Last weekend saw a significant amount of people drive to local hotspots (Image: GETTY)

“The Government guidance is really clear in relation to personal movements to limit the spread of coronavirus.”

This week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the public in an evening announcement to “stay indoors” unless absolutely necessary.

Under the new Government restrictions, people must stay at home and only leave for exercise, for medical needs or travel to or from work.

Cumbria’s Director of Public Health Colin Cox has warned the coronavirus outbreak will continue to get worse for the next few weeks.

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So far, 200 cases have been confirmed in the region.

Mr Cox said: “The whole point of these guidelines is to save lives, by making sure that the virus is slowed down and the NHS can cope when there are more people coming into hospital.

“Stay at home, save lives.”

Cumbria police took to Twitter to reiterate the warning and share the news more widely.

Lake District closed: So far, 200 cases have been confirmed in Cumbria (Image: GETTY)

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They said: “Thinking of coming to the #Lakedistrict over the weekend?

“Don’t it’s CLOSED. No entry sign Daily exercise shouldn’t include travelling to a different area by car.

“Start your walk, cycle or run from your home in your local area.”

However, some people on Twitter were not happy with the move.

Paul said on Twitter: “Stop making up laws when you can’t even enforce the current ones.”

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Another said: “If I walk near my home I will come into contact with loads of people. Instead I drive to the countryside to walk and meet no one.

Another user replied: “Can you please refer us all to the law that says people may not drive to the start of their daily exercise?

“Or, if you can’t, can you please delete this tweet?

“It’s hard enough to get everyone to comply with the law without every police force making up their own extra rules.”