Royal travel: The bizarre travel rule that Prince Charles, William and George must follow

Royal protocol has some unusual rules in place in order to ensure that all members of the Royal Family are prepared for any occasion. Some of the most unusual rules include always packing a black outfit and always looking smartly dressed – even after a long haul flight. But one strange rule that’s in place means that certain members of the Royal Family have to ask Her Majesty the Queen for permission.

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Royal protocol states that two heirs should never fly on the same flight together, according to Hello! Magazine.

The rule is allegedly in place to protect royal lineage.

There is no official rule in place but heirs must seek permission from the Queen who has the final say on the matter.

One example of the Queen granting permission to members of the Royal Family is when Prince George accompanied his parents on a tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014.

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Royal travel: The bizarre travel rule that Prince Charles, William, George and Charlotte follow (Image: GETTY)Royal travel: Some of the most unusual rules include always packing a black outfit (Image: GETTY)

Prince William was granted permission from Her Majesty to bend the rules with George who was just nine months at the time.

Back in September 2016, Prince William and his wife, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge travelled as a family of four.

Princess Charlotte, Prince George and Prince Louis joined their mother and father on a trip to Canada.

The move was unusual but provided plenty of adorable pictures of the family out together.

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And in July 2017, the family also toured Poland and Germany.

They boarded three flights together in a move that saw the Queen soften her stance on heirs travelling together.

However, sometimes royal protocol has to be imposed.

When Kate and William went to New York in December 2014, George did not join them.

Royal travel: Prince Charles is first in line to the throne (Image: GETTY)

Instead the young royal, who is third in line to the throne, stayed at home with Kate’s mum Carole Middleton.

Could this be the reason why Archie did not return to the UK with his parents recently?

Archie is seventh in line to the throne while is father is sixth in line.

The reason these rules are in place is because the Royal Family is most at risk when they are travelling.

Royal Family tree (Image: EXPRESS)


Security expert Richard Aitch, the director of operations for Mobius International said: “It is not just the Royal Family but any principal that has a serious threat against them.

“The Royal Family is most at risk during travel.

“You can have a person you are protecting very secure within a building, it is a secure area because the people in there have been vetted, gone through a security process and there are security guards in there.

“As soon as they leave that environment, that sterile environment, their risk to threat goes up quite considerably.”