Six Senses hotel wellness programme allows all to enjoy five star experience in quarantine

Hotel holidays are beloved by many Britons thanks to the level of comfort and pampering provided. Unfortunately staying in hotels is not an option for anyone any time soon. However, thanks to a new programme from hotel operator Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, the five-star luxury experience is still possible.

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The brand is prioritising a range of content that guests, hosts and global communities can tap into remotely from their homes with programme At Home With Six Senses.

“The aim is to remain solution-oriented and support their resilience and physical and mental well-being,” said Six Senses.

At Home With Six Senses offers proactive and pragmatic ways for people to care for themselves and others in a range of formats.

The content is available to everyone, whether or not they have previously stayed at a Six Senses property, and it is structured around the brand’s key wellness pillars.

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Hotel: The five-star luxury experience is still possible with Six Senses (Image: Six Senses/Getty Images)Hotel: The aim is to support resilience and physical and mental well-being (Image: Getty Images)

Six Senses explains these are as follows:

Mindfulness: helping people shift energies from worrying about what can’t be controlled to focusing on the present moment, whether that is setting up a home working environment or tips on staying grounded.

Eat: recipes, interviews and how-to video tutorials focusing on foods with key nutrients and easy strategies to support the immune system, reduce stress and improve sleep along with the hidden power of certain everyday store-cupboard ingredients.

Sleep: the importance of establishing a sleep routine along with how learning about dosha types can impact sleep, bedtime breathing rituals even the meaning behind certain dreams.

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Move: from at-home workouts to live meditation sessions or yoga poses and tips for boosting energy, or releasing pent-up energy if working or staying at home.

Live Naturally: adapted activities inspired by the brand’s on-site Earth Labs, and life hacks to try at home to live more sustainably and make the most of whatever nature is around or available.

Connect: staying connected to reduce anxiety and loneliness when practising social distancing and how to check in with others and remain community-focused, especially when it comes to those more vulnerable.

The hotel added that guests currently staying at Six Senses resorts have access to different experiences and spa facilities to support their daily lifestyle routine or kick-start their journey to well-being.

Hotel: There are at-home workouts to live meditation sessions or yoga poses (Image: Getty Images)

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Two new wellness journeys have also been introduced for those who wish to boost their immune system or practice gratitude and maintain a positive mindset through meditation, spending time in nature, vitamins and nutrients and selected therapies.

In further hotel news, a hotel in Switzerland is offering a “coronavirus service” package to its customers.

Hotel chain Le Bijou in Switzerland is offering just that for $77,500 (£65,133) for two weeks.

The Swiss hotel’s slogan before the global pandemic took hold was, “hotel service without the other people” which has now taken on a whole new meaning.

Le Bijou is a hotel that was exclusively built for people who wish to avoid human contact which is the perfect set-up for a global pandemic.

Trending Hotel: There are life hacks to make the most of whatever nature is around or available (Image: Getty Images)

The service provides customers with a luxury coronavirus-themed package with options for doctor visits and food delivery.

The hotel chain has 42 units at properties in cities all around Switzerland.

Each unit includes certain amenities such as a full-service kitchen, saunas, Jacuzzis, fireplaces and gyms.

The units do not operate with members of staff which includes checking in.

To avoid human interaction at all costs, there is a private app and a remote 24-hour concierge that customers can use to order what ever they want.