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Flights: UK charters 12 more flights to rescue Britons stranded abroad

The UK Government has chartered 12 more flights to bring home more than 3,000 stranded Britons from India. The Foreign Office organised seven flights that have been arranged to run between April 8 and April 12 but now even more

Coronavirus: Why UK borders will remain open despite ongoing coronavirus crisis

Today’s coronavirus daily briefing was led by Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock and tackled both the issues around PPE and travel. He was joined by epidemiology expert and Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Jonathan Stafford Nguyen Van-Tam and

Cruise ship crew worker reveals shocking truth about affairs on cruises

Cruise: Paul revealed what the culture around romance is on cruise ships (Image: Getty Images) Cruise ship crew are hard at work throughout cruises looking after the passengers. It’s not all work and no play for the cruise staff, however.

Google Maps Street View: Very creepy sight spotted behind upstairs window in weird photo

Google Maps Street View: The Google car photographed the exterior of a building in Duluth (Image: Google Maps) Google Maps Street View has the intriguing skill of capturing some truly diverse and incredible sight the world over. Ostensibly a practical

Coronavirus travel: Expert reveals how Britons can get home & how they can claim money bac

Finding yourself stranded in a foreign country is a worst nightmare for holidaymakers, and probably the last thing they would anticipate when jetting off on that initial flight. However, for many people across the world, that nightmare has rapidly become

Hand luggage: The ONE item that will guarantee a good sleep

Sleeping on holiday can be a nightmare as you never know where you are going to end up. With the potential for planes to be cancelled and hotels rescheduled, many holidaymakers end up sleeping in airport lounges among other places.

Cruise secrets: Former cruise worker discusses free booze and 'ridiculous' parties for sta

Cruise ship workers travel the world as part of their job. Though they spend their lives onboard cruise ships, the experience below deck is certainly different from that enjoyed by passengers. Cruise secrets: What married ship crew really get up

Royal travel: The truth about the Royal Family’s travel itineraries – it's not a holiday

The Royal Family are a clan of travel regulars, making journeys both nationally and internationally as part of their royal duty. While all of this opportunity to see the world, mix with new cultures and take in the sites may

Cruise: CDC extends no-sail' ban – when will cruise holidays happen again?

Cruise holidays were booming at the end of last year, with the industry enjoying a pleasant uptick year-on-year with those options for a break on the high seas. However, since the outbreak of coronavirus, the industry has felt devastation ripple

Google Maps Street View: Viral photo shows aftermath of car crash in Malaysia

Google Maps Street View emerged on screen in 2007 and brought with it the ability to spot unexpected moments unfolding all across the globe. However, while sometimes these moments are humorous or simply plain bizarre, others can be much more

Hand luggage: Travellers say taking a backpack will make the most of luggage allowance

Airlines across the world are increasingly implementing hand luggage policies in a bid to keep luggage numbers onboard down. Many budget airlines also enforce extra stringent measures with fees attached for those who accidentally go above the limit, which many

TUI holiday: Can I change the dates of my TUI holiday?

TUI holidays have been suspended for the next five weeks in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus around the world. Travel firms have been devastated by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s decision to advise against all but essential

Flights: Expert reveals how to beat jet lag on long haul holidays – tips

Flights: Jet lag is when your normal sleep pattern is disturbed after a long flight (Image: Getty Images) Flights to a far-flung destination can be very exciting indeed. However, starting the trip with your body totally off-kilter can prove a

Holidays: Experts reveals top tip to finding a cheap break after lockdown

Holidays, mini breaks and weekend trips seem like a distant memory since COVID-19 has forced most UK citizens to remain indoors until further notice. The latest Foreign and Commonwealth Office guidelines stipulate that British people should not be travelling abroad

Flights: Viral instagram video shows puppies playing on board a passenger plane

Travelling by plane often means long hours in cramped conditions alongside strangers, so it’s always beneficial if everyone gets on and behaves in their best way. However, a video has emerged of three unexpected travellers getting up to mischief in

Google Maps: Street View spots haunting sight in the middle of nowhere – is it a ghost?

Google Maps Street View often sends images viral, especially when they’re bizarre or seemingly on the supernatural side. Users of the site are often left completely taken aback by some of the photos they can find on the navigation tool.

When can we go on holiday again? The experts have their say on when we can travel again

Staying indoors is a lot harder than we may have first thought – especially with the glorious Easter bank holiday weather. Temperatures will reach 26C in places today, but many people without gardens or balconies will only get to enjoy

Eerie pictures show Spain's beaches deserted on what should be one of year's busiest weeks

The Easter holidays are usually a time Britons in their droves pack up and head off on a vacation to the sunshine. Spain is one of Britain’s top destinations, attracting 18.08 million Britons in 2019 alone according to Statitsa, and

Coronavirus travel plans: Real dead ringers foreign climes you love | Activity Holidays | Travel

No need to dream of overseas trips – we can match many top spots (Image: Getty) La Dolce Vita Vineyards and Portmeirion Now that global warming has brought us liquid sunshine (aka wine), we can have a good go at

Walk on the wild side at 'Britain's only desert' in Dungeness | Activity Holidays | Travel

Dungeness is Britain’s ‘only desert’ (Image: Getty) Its barren landscape featured on the cover of Pink Floyd album A Collection Of Great Dance Songs and former residents include film director Derek Jarman. That a million tourists make an annual trip